"Having worked with Finity for the past few weeks over VijayNiwasLodge.com website. I can say with conviction that they are true professionals. Their approach and methodolgy for understanding client requirements is thorough and detailed. I highly recommend working with them."

-Himanshu Thaker,Vijay Niwas Lodge

Vijay Niwas Lodge himanshu

"Website is the most valuable asset of a company, so building it efficienctly & elegantly is important, and this is what finity helps me in doing so. Finity is great as it works according to the clients requirement and delivers in a stipulated time which is what customer would love"

-Sandeep, Founder,The Book Summary House

The Book Summary House Sandeep

"Finity has been a pleasure to work with. We have found their services to be top-notch, with great turn-around time and value for money. I have since recommended Finity to others in need of their expertise."

-Team Swift Real Estate

Swift Estate Team

Latest Works by Finity


The idea of Walcano Perfumes Website was to develop a clean and fully functional website, with fresh and appealing imagery, to reflect the founders’ passion for perfumes. The website developed by us exhibits a responsive, aesthetic design, engaging features and a clear layout and hierarchy to ease the viewer’s browsing experience throughout the website. It also has a right look and feels to appeal to all kinds of perfume lovers.


Aaron Travels Business Software

Finity was asked to develop a business management software for Aaron Travels, Mumbai's Leading Buses, and Cabs on hire providers. Software designed had to powerful enough to manage a large amount of data of the company and yet be fast as well as efficient. We Designed a software that is high on both functionalities as well as appeal.

Aaron Travels Business Software

Nishee's E-commerce

Our Team Designed and Developed Nishee’s E-commerce platform which sells Indian Ethnic Kurtis. Finity UI/UX experts researched the persona of Today’s Indian Women and designed an engaging website that was easy to use, as well as visually attractive to keep the visitors coming back for more.

Nishee's E-commerce Website

Loans 3m

Finity Software Solutions was assigned to create a fresh, new look for Loans3m Website, that would portray the services provided by the firm seamlessly making users understand what the organization is about and what they have to offer. We were able to develop a professional & structured website for Loans3m that incorporated the existing branding and enhancing its online presence.

Loans 3m

Image Processing Software

Finity was asked to develop a software that would take an image of a woman wearing kurta standing with a scenic background, and the software has to identify the woman and change the scenic background with a color selected by the user without affecting the woman. The software also watermarked the images with the company's logo. Our developers successfully developed the software that was smart, fast and gave the desired results.

Image Processing Software

PES Tutor - English Learning App

One of the biggest challenges of developing PES Tutor App was to successfully integrate all the features that the client wished to be included, without compromising on the functionality and layout of the app. Before the development process, our developers understood and took into consideration, all the features that were required to be included in the app. Ultimately, we developed an appealing, user-friendly and most importantly, a genuinely original mobile app, that would prove helpful to anyone looking to learn the English Language.

PES Tutor English learning App

Vijay Niwas Hotel Management Software

Vijay Niwas Lodge, Leading lodging service in Mumbai for 77 years entrusted Finity to develop an all in one software that would make handling various departments of their business with just a couple of clicks. Finity developed a software that is extensible, easy-to-use and ensures that it makes business management super simple.

Vijay Niwas Software


Finity Software Solutions created a clean and interactive website design, with a pleasing icons, such that they are engaging and reflective of everything that Vijay Niwas Lodge has to offer. As we used our creative skills to make various icons that were bold and beautiful. It matched the expectation of the client. It consists of a user interface with easy navigation and provided unmatched visual clarity to all the elements on the website.

Vijay Niwas Lodge


Our Team developed a bespoke website for The Book Summary House that would aesthetically showcase summaries of nonfiction books and would give readers flexibility to read anytime anywhere. Finity was able to design a clean, hassle-free interface that provides smooth user experience to reader. It is flexible, easy-to-use and its responsive layout ensures that it works & functions well across all mobile devices.

The Book Summary House

Swift Real Estate

We were entrusted with creating a fresh, new look for Swift Real Estate, that would disseminate information about the firm seamlessly making users understand what the organisation is about and what they have to offer.Team Finity was able to develop a professional & structured website for Swift Real Estate that seamlessly incorporated the existing branding elements without overshadowing the essence of the company.

Swift Estate

A-One Waterproofing

The client required a simple web design that would align with their offerings and provide a user-friendly platform wherein it would be a simple yet effective platform. Work done by Finity Solutions was a clean, professional looking site for A-One Waterproofing that provides smooth and hassle-free user experience to all.

A-One Waterproofing